pussy willow

by kitchen

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Thanks Everyone


released March 15, 2019

Ethan Hasiuk: Drums
Chloe Wehner: Violin
James Keegan: Guitar, Piano, Banjo, Singing
Sabrina Nichols: Singing on 1, 2, 13
Emmarae Stein: Singing on 3, 12
Danny Keyes: Singing on 13
Tape Machine Choir on 1: Harvey Waters


all rights reserved



kitchen Rochester, New York

quiet pop band

Sometimes on
♥ Drunk With Love Records ♥

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Track Name: Down
When the old blue firmament
comes to meet the river's bend,
I'll lie down with you.

When the old blue firmament
crashes through the sunken stems,
I'll lie down alone.

Air Breathing, whistle blowing,
you don't go that far.
Even when the dogs are sleeping
I know where you are.

Come down.
Track Name: Claws
Transmission towers looking frigid in warm weather standing still against the blue, gray and sober like a puddle in November as I waited for you.

I don't want to see you now;
I just want to go back down.


make me come true.
My head and the exit.
I know you don't mean it.
My head at the exit.

You said it's never silly but you laugh at everything oh my god you laugh at everyone.
Track Name: Foggy Trees
Hope is a picture of me kneeling on your couch
in a dress like a feather with some red around my mouth.
Pull me down; I'll sink here with the stupid little thought.
You're so kind but if I see you I will see just how I'm not.

This stretch of sidewalk always makes me think of you
and how the pressure in my head made it feel ok to move.
Blackbirds in the branches, leaves all rustling and red;
you didn't sound that far away from the phone against my head.

When the winter ends
I will see you once again,
bright as I can be.
Track Name: interl
Track Name: A Vampire
I thought a kiss was dry and bright
like wine that's cold and golden white
but close your eyes the way you might,
the amber falls down out of sight.

To be in your world.

Tell me what I oughta know,
hot hands that fumble in the cold.
Blushing with that shameful glow;
a heart entombed in pissed on snow.

To be in your world,
to put it lightly,
would be strange.

Don't start that it hurts.
Brand new year again:
snow falls and I learn

Young and dumb and full of blood I shed you now. We were cutting out snowflakes on your couch. I will be Victoria's boy at your door. I'll bring the Christmas tree around.
Track Name: Anna Song
I gave her half-hearted head
in the space between
the blankets and the bed.
And in the falling dark
the sick filled up my head
and then my heart.
When I got home
I watched a movie about Siberia.
The cold reached in.

She was just like me
with expectations that
this world could never meet.
I mean that when I think of love
I think of stillness
that's ashamed and virginal:
pussy willow in a vase,
star-colored aments that will stay
the same always.

When I think of you
I think of you a long way off.
When I think of you I think of "you" I think of no one.
Track Name: a friend
hmm hm
Track Name: Coral Branches
ask the question
see the words
ask the question
be absurd

in the space there
sew a patch in
with your lips on it

is it called a mistake
cut away

bang my orange head
on blue
snowflakes fall in shallow pools

coral branches
red on white
mine's a mouth that's lost it's bite


is it called a mistake
cut away
Track Name: Brian
Brian was a fighter, chased light on the floor,
fists clenched through the hallway
and straight out the front door.
Standing in blue gowns sweet-thinking of worse times:
Brian in the mirror, his face twisted up in mine.

Goosebumped in my tee-shirt and spinning the racket,
I might just hit the net if I'm aiming right at it.
Brian was a winner in gym class this year:
fist pumped when the birdie flew over into the clear.
Track Name: may 12
a car or two driving by on your narrow street in the rain
Track Name: House Rules
Spare and full,
your house rules
'cause it looks like you.

Miracle push and pull,
do I look like you?

When I ask about your day
you know I ask the selfish way.

Shy away, keep my place,
I won't say too much.

We could stay bored and safe;
I won't be enough.

When I ask about your day
you know I ask the selfish way.

Spare and full,
your house rules.

You're a miracle.
Track Name: Part Four
In my defense
something past tense
that you told me before we closed all of the doors.

Seasons can change with missed holidays
but morning's gone so fast;
Halloween's come and passed.

For a second I thought I lost my mind over you.

Where does wind start and end?
Just like a branch,
my will bends in you hands.

I really hope that you get better. Wish you were here but I guess it's whatever. I'll be your friend if you want me to be. I don't care if it's not like the movies.
Track Name: Drowse
Somnolent sun, are you the one bleeding
or bruising up the sky
as you fall behind the old world's silhouette?

Drowsy old day,
sleep it away,
breathing against hair of willow's white
as you close your eyes
to dreams of no regret.

And all the time as clouds slide by the day is ending.
(The firmament in plum blush and salmon)
and when the moon wells in the sky it's just reflecting you.
(The blue windows, the stars all silver and cold)

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